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See you when I see you

Shall we?

Sometimes all the complicated things begin from the simple one. From a simple hello turned into romantic visions. From a simple meeting turned into a wedding. From a simple swipe right turned into a blowjob or two.

We may be wondering about everything: How did it all really begin?

And why?

We don’t understand and never will. Just that’s how the universe works.

And then life goes on, for the best or the worst. Sometimes we just feel like a piece is missing in some particular time. It’s like how the brain yearns for nicotine when you used to smoke. Or the blood longs for caffeine when you used to drink coffee. Or maybe the pain in your back when you used to sit in a very comfortable fucking ergonomic chair.

That’s how addiction works: You feel different when something you’re used to is not there.

Then you stare at the door. Or maybe at your phone. Wondering to meet the things you used to see or find the voice you used to hear. A simple call or meeting may turn into something complicated, either for the best or the worst. That’s how it all should have started and not how it all ended.

And the clock is ticking and always will be.

You just lock the door or place the phone away.

Then you close your eyes. You call a name quietly hoping they can hear you back or maybe wondering if they’re doing the same.

“See you when I see you”, you both said.

Maybe in the next life, or in the next day.

No farewells or promises.

Just let the universe work,

and then the clock keeps ticking.