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you and i

22.05.2023 — 16.50 : 20.10
life is unpredictable.

all of us know that.

and sometimes, many times, connecting with each other is something we cannot avoid.

from simple “hello” turn into something that we never kno.

do you remember that day, baby?

it’s a monday.

when You start to looking a the most quietest place or at least full of strangers, or even near-empty.

pretty funny, isn’t it?

meanwhile, we don’t do anything’s illegal and prohibited in this country.

or maybe it’s absurd for a half people, but at this point, I don’t really care too much.

and then you choose to enter that little door, and I following you.

You start to talk, I start to listen.

and now, I know.

You’ve been through a lot of moment’s.

unfortunately the whole moment is not good enough for You, sorry.

I can see that in your eyes.

there are many questions in my mind, why did we start all of this and why?

I honestly don’t really understand why You choosing me to listen this kind of things, because we technically know each other only a few months.

You opened your mouth and started talking again.

and now, I can understand why You’d want to do that.

on the other hand, I’m happy — happy because I can know you more deeper and know what your personality really is.

regardless of why you choosing me, You’ve done your best.

I’m really remember clearly the warmth of your embrace in that room.

why does time pass so quickly?

and now our time has come — the time for both of us saying… “goodbye”.


22.05.2023 at 16.50 — 20.10